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arctic Mobility Solutions

No matter what you are driving, we have a solution to keep you in the driver’s seat.  We are Alaska’s expert installers and maintainer of mobility and driving aids for anything on wheels.

We can upfit Almost Anything

What ever your mobility need is - we have a solution. From Van to cars and buses, to all terrain vehicles (ATV) and recreational vehicles (RV), we have a solution that puts you back in the driver's seat on on your way


As an authorized, affiliate dealer for Sure Grip® and Harmar® we can upfit just about any part of your truck.  If a minivan is not your style, we have a solution that will keep you in your truck! *Note – All driving aids can be installed in all model vehicles.

Hybrid Hoists

Driving Aides

Driving Aides


Transporting a mobility scooter is not easy.  We are proud to offer solutions that give you your independence as you continue to drive your SUV.  No need to by a mini van, we can upfit your current SUV with one of our mobility solutions. 

Outside lifts
Inside lifts
Inside Auto Lifts/Hoists
LINK - Innovative Vehicle Access

Mini Vans

Mini vans have been the tried and true mainstay solution for vehicle mobility solutions.  We have a solution that matches both your mini van and your wheelchair or scooter.  Before buying a new wheelchair accessible vehicle, lets see what we can do for your current vehicle.

Hybrid Auto Lift
Hybrid Auto Lift
Veigel E-Slider Seat

Metro Vans

Metro vans have gained popularity due to their increased cargo size and capacity as well as their utility.  We have a solution that matches both your Metro van and your wheelchair or scooter.  Before buying a new wheelchair-accessible vehicle, let’s see what we can do for your current vehicle.

Quick lock driver's docking seat
vehicle mobility modifications
Q-straint tie-downs
Q-straint tie downs
Convenient hand-controls
q-straint hand controls
Convenient hand-controls


Mobility is not strictly limited to traditional on-road vehicles.  There is absolutely no reason you cannot get out and enjoy the outdoors or simply get work due to mobility needs.  We have the mobility solutions that will keep you in the Off-Road driver’s seat.


Off-Road vehicle transfer lift

Steering Hand Controls

Steering Hand-controls

Alaska mobility solution

Gas & Brake Controls

Steering Hand-controls